Friday, August 14, 2009

An explanation.

Over the years, I accumulated a lot of shirts. I prided myself on the different t-shirts I had representing various things I liked, whether bands or movies or whatever. Last year there came a time when I had to knuckle down and start getting rid of some of my clothes. This was around the same time that I became more aware of how companies use cheap labor to make ridiculous profits selling us clothes ultimately do nothing more than say, "I like this brand." That brand could be a clothing company, or it could be some other product, such as a video game or television series. It finally dawned on me that not only were these companies getting rich from unfair labor practices, but a lot of the things on the shirts were straight-up advertisements for products that I never saw a dime from. I decided that the space on my chest was much more valuable than that, and that if a message was going to be conveyed via my clothing, it was going to be an agenda that represented me.

Basically, that's what Be Your Own Billboard is all about: You representing you. I hope that you can come up with new ways to make this happen with the clothes you wear. Send me examples at Give me the story behind your shirt and I'll post it up.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Some of the basic philosophy of the idea

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